Sách 500 Từ Vựng Tổng Hợp Từ Tactics For TOEIC PDF/Ebook

Sách 500 Từ Vựng Tổng Hợp Từ Tactics For TOEIC PDF/Ebook

Tải Sách 500 Từ Vựng Tổng Hợp Từ Tactics For TOEIC PDF/Ebook

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Nội dung sách 500 Từ Vựng Tổng Hợp Từ Tactics For TOEIC

Sách nêu ra 500 từ vựng thường gặp giúp hệ thống lại các từ hay gặp và để dễ nhớ, dễ học và và biết cách sử dụng nó.

Tactics for TOEIC Vocabulary 1
Unit 1 Photographs
focus (n&v): give attention to something: to give special attention to one particular person
or thing, or to make people do this
predict (v) to say what is going to happen in the future, often on the basis of present
indications or past experience [↪ prediction]:
pick out (phr-V) to choose or select something or somebody from among others
theme (n) the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film etc:
• The book’s theme is the conflict between love and duty.
statement (n) the act of expressing something in words:
brainstorm (v) to think of many ideas on a topic quickly & creatively.
distractor (n) incorrect option in multiple-choice question: an incorrect option shown as a
possible answer to a multiple-choice question
Internet café: a café with computers where people can pay to use the internet.
diary (n) a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day [= journal]:
barber (n) 1. a man whose job is to cut men’s hair and sometimes to shave them
2.barber’s British English a shop where men’s hair is cut [=barbershop American English]
wood (n) the material that trees are made of [↪ wooden, woody]:
Put some more wood on the fire.
sail (n) a large piece of strong cloth fixed onto a boat, so that the wind will push the boat along:
a yacht with white sails
pour (v) to make a liquid or other substance flow out of or into a container by holding it at an
angle: She poured coffee for everyone.
pot (n) for a plant: a container for a plant, usually made of plastic or baked clay:
gaze (v) to look at someone or something for a long time, giving it all your attention, often
without realizing you are doing so [= stare]
Nell was still gazing out of the window.
hang (v) to put something in a position so that the top part is fixed or supported, and the
bottom part is free to move and does not touch the ground:
Philip hung his coat on a hook behind the door.
phone booth (n) a small structure that is partly or completely enclosed, containing a public
apron (n) a piece of clothing that covers the front part of your clothes and is tied around your
waist, worn to keep your clothes clean, especially while cooking

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